How can we help you?

  • Free Site Evaluation to assess the current health of your Call Centre
  • Detailed Gap Analysis with recommendations
  • Implementation of Lean Methodology
  • Call Centre Agent Program
  • Call Centre Team Leader Program
  • Call Centre Manager Program

Focus Areas
Front Office Optimisation

Workforce management

  • Workforce management challenges
  • Improving adherence level
  • Real-time adherence
  • Steps to reduce absenteeism
  • Setting scheduling priority
  • Schedule changes
  • Employee types
  • Forecasting accuracy
  • Forecasting regularity
Quality monitoring

  • Monitoring methods
  • Who monitors calls
  • Type of scale for monitoring
  • Quality monitoring scorecard
  • Number of contacts monitored
  • Uses for quality monitoring results
  • Methods for providing feedback
  • Who provides feedback
  • Timing of feedback
  • Steps to improve feedback process
  • Future quality monitoring changes