Our Offering

  • Fundamentals of retail management.
    • Planning
    • Intra- day control
    • Reviewing for continuous improvement
  • Shop Steward training
  • Industrial Relations Procedures
  • Motivating for results
  • Managing Absenteeism and high staff Turnover
  • Merchandising for beginners
  • Running an effective Stock take

The retail industry has come under an enormous amount of pressure with the recent downturn of the economy. The need for effective service delivery and efficient Operational Management has become critical for retailers to sustain themselves during volatile times in a highly competitive industry.

The key to achieving exceptional Operational efficiency is to primarily focus on the ongoing development of people. Many of the larger retail companies have dedicated in-house training divisions that focus on covering induction programs, internal product training and some soft skills initiatives. The question is, how effective are these programs? And how much of it is focused on up and coming TeamLeaders or Operational Managers.

Our years of experience in the Corporate and Retail industry have taught that that many of the skills required to manage effective team over-lap between industries.

We offer a bespoke approach to all our clients specialising in the "health" of your people and business. Our Training programs are flexible and can be tailored to your requirements, with continuous support to help you drive continuous improvement in your business.